Be Benedik, Director, Art Director, he also composes for nearly fifteen years of musical creation in collaboration with musicians such as Peter Kubic (M.Béjart) Yves Teicher (G.Rozhdestvensky) and more.

Be Benedik has always put the sound and image to equality in his all projects

Benjamin Benedik was born in a Gypsie's family in 1974. For 5 years during his childood he grew up in a caravan. He did his studies at the Artistic Academy (Belgium) for several years and he has just touched his gold ... The First Cover band called "The Angels" (1991-1994).


Liege, September 2016



This is a new musical orientation, no Rock Guitares, no Drums - Just Electronic sound with piano and voices ! There was a desire to make an unquestionably refined record. It’s multi layered, electronic vocal and live instrumentation, musically it goes to places most Glitsh and Trap music never does. It’s emotionally bare and laced with irony...

My first

EP Project

Liege, August 2016



No Release date !

I definitely didn’t set out to make something unique per-se but [...] it really is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. So it’s impossible to describe except to say..it’s heartfelt

4 or 6 Tracks? .

(Unreleased TRACKS)

Demo songs 2012

Belgium, September 2016



This 7 songs was written during "Diamond Empire" recording sessions in 2012,

Studio LINE UP : Be Benedik - Giovana Sacco - Jeff Graham - JF Fassotte - Benoist Desbuisse & SAMPLing Line up : Igor Moltchanov - Mike Garson

He sing the ideas on the tapes - but didn't end up anywhere.


Be put this demo online in September 2016... Why not?


Maybe recycling later for new EP project??




Free like a bird !



Interresting? collaborative input?

local independent record store?


However, the pair shunned approaches from major record labels, but for the liberty - I choice it a DIY project!




For Shows and New releases !



No Pub No newsletters !







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